Triple E’s

Tea factory - Social Impact

Ethical sourcing

We only work with farms and factories that adhere to ethical standards of treatments. Our suppliers are fair-trade certified and promote fair labor practices including safe-working and living conditions, decent wages, and healthcare access.

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We donate a portion of our profits to nonprofit organizations such as KIVA which provides financial assistance to low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries. We are advocates of mental health awareness in African countries and will donate a portion of our profit to causes that assist women and children with mental health issues.

Tea factory 2 - Social Impact

Environmental sustainability

Approximately 10-12% of Kenyan population depend on tea for their livelihood; therefore, it is very important to us that the environment and natural resources used to grow our tea are well maintained.  We ensure that our suppliers are rainforest-alliance certified which enforces ecosystem conservation, water and soil conservation, waste reduction, agrochemical reduction and wildlife protection.