Purple TranquiliTea – Whole Leaf Purple Tea Sampler (30g)


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Purple Tranquilitea is a premium Kenyan Whole Leaf Purple Tea with a light, floral flavor and low caffeine content.

Purple tea is produced from the camellia sinensis tea plant, the same plant from which black, green and oolong teas are produced. Unlike other types of tea, however, the leaves of this new varietal (camellia sinensis var assamica) are purple as they are grown in extremely high elevations of 7000+ feet and unique climate conditions in the highlands of Mount Kenya. The exposure to sunlight causes the tea plants to produce very high levels of anthocyanin (antioxidant) which protects the leaves against UV radiation and pest, thus eliminating the need for pesticides or chemicals.

Purple tea is widely known for its high level of anthocyanins, which is the same super-antioxidant found in purple fruits and vegetables like blueberries, eggplant, and purple grapes. In fact, a cup of purple tea contains 15x the amount of anthocyanins as a cup of blueberries. Purple contains almost twice as much antioxidants as green or black tea and is the only tea that contains GHG, a polyphenol that supports healthy weight management by inhibiting the digestion of fatty acid.

Brewing Instructions: Add 2 teaspoons of tea to boiled water and steep for 3-5 minutes. Add a squeeze of lemon to your brew and watch your tea turn a beautiful pinkish-purple color

Ingredients: 100% Purple Tea


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