Purple Tranquilitea – Whole Leaf Purple Tea

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Kenyan Whole Leaf Purple Tea

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Purple Tranquilitea is a premium Kenyan Purple Tea with a delicate, woodsy flavor and a smooth finish. Purple tea is the only tea that contains high level of anthocyanin – almost twice as much as green or black tea! Add a squeeze of lemon to your brew and watch your tea turn purple 🙂

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Weight 60 oz

8 reviews for Purple Tranquilitea – Whole Leaf Purple Tea

  1. Valerie

    Best tea ever! I love that Tranquilitea doesn’t require much or any additional sweetening. It truly has that smooth finish. My new favorite tea!!

  2. Audrey

    Best tea I’ve ever tried. Very smooth and light. It does change color with a squeeze of lemon but I prefer the taste without. Will definitely buy again when I run out

  3. Ada

    This tea is by far the best I’ve ever had! In addition to having a unique color and aroma, the smooth and delicious taste make it a delectable and enjoyable tea for any time of the day. After a busy day, I look forward to coming home and making a nice hot cup of Purple Tranquilitea. I purchased this tea online and received fast shipping. The customer service was top notch. I am definitely a returning customer and will be purchasing again.

  4. Chris

    When I first heard about Purple Tranquilitea, I was curious as I had never had purple Kenyan tea before. The tea has definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of the high quality, richness, and bold flavor! I also really like that it is all-natural and non-GMO. Its next to impossible to get such a tea from the supermarket. I am very much looking forward to to my next purchase.

  5. Bridget

    I love it!

  6. Bridget

    I love it! I’ve never had purple before and it’s truly a breath of fresh air! I love the low caffeine and it’s properties! I can’t wait to see the difference in another month!

  7. Stacey

    Wow, I just came across this tea and I absolutely love it. I usually like adding lemon and a little bit of honey to my tea but I’ve been drinking this purple tea with nothing added.

  8. Simon (verified owner)

    As an Italian born and raised, I have always loved coffee (espresso that is). Growing up, for me, tea was synonym of not feeling well or having trouble digesting, so I would make a tea with lemon. Then, recently, I met Chixotic Purple Tranquilitea! I discovered tea can be a pleasure beverage, even better than espresso! In fact, I liked Chixotic purple tea so much, it has made me reduce the amount of coffee I drink! I used to have to add two teaspoons of sugar to make myself like tea, but Chixotic Purple tea has such a good, mild, almost sweet woodsy flavor, all I need to add is a splash of lemon! I particularly like that has very low caffeine so I can enjoy it at any time, and that is full of antioxidants, which can help with inflammation, a big plus for me, having had several major sport injuries. Chixotic tea is nothing short of spectacular. Parola di italiano che ama il caffe’!

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