Test your Purple Tea knowledge

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1. Which type of tea below has the most antioxidants?


2. What kind of tea is Tranquilitea?


3. Where is Purple tea grown?


4. What gives our tea its purple color?


5. What does Purple Tea, Red/Black Grapes, Blueberries, Cranberries, and Red wine all have in common?


6. What can you add to Tranquilitea for a more intensified purple hue?


7. What are the health benefits associated with purple tea?


8. How much caffeine does Purple tea contain?


9. What is the flavor/aroma of purple tea?


10. How does your purple tea purchase benefit African/Kenyan community?


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Purple Tea Fun Fact

Did you know that hand-rolling tea is the traditional way to release any chemical components of the leaves and prepare for oxidation? The process of oxidation determines the strength and flavor of tea

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