tea bags - How would you like your tea?

How would you like your tea?

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Straight or milk and sugar? How about a dash of epichlorohydrin?

Wait, epi.. what? Don’t worry, most tea drinkers don’t know what that means either 🙂

Epichlorohydrin is a toxic chemical that is often used to coat tea bags in order to keep them from breaking down in hot water.  It also happens to be a strong skin irritant and cancer-causing agent.

Tea bags are obviously convenient especially for busy tea drinkers, but these days, there are many portable, low-maintenance and affordable tea infusers that will only require an extra minute or two of your time to brew yourself a healthy cuppa. So, before picking up that next tea bag, pause for a second and remind yourself that your health and tea enjoyment are worth that extra 2 minutes of effort.

When in doubt about the quality of your tea bags, just don’t use them. Remember that you can never go wrong with loose leaf tea infusers. They steep better quality tea and more importantly, protect you from the toxic chemicals used to produce tea bags.