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I am the embodiment of “I CAN keep calm without keeping calm”

I always feel like I should be doing something at any given moment, otherwise, I am “wasting my life away”. I could never take a nap during the day. Sleep comes only when it’s dark outside. As soon as the sun rises, my eyes lit up. I must admit that my Circadian rhythm annoys me to the core sometimes especially on the weekends when I have absolutely no reason to be up early. Nonetheless, I wake up most mornings feeling well-rested and calmly ready to tackle the day.

I have been recognized for my ability to stay calm in the midst of fire drills. Now this does not mean that I am prone to nonchalance, it just means I realize that panicking serves no purpose in solving problems Yes, some will argue they work better under pressure, but i guess that’s just not me.

So how do I get my daily does of calm?

Easy – by starting my day with a simple cuppa (usually black or purple tea). Every sip gives me a sense of calm and the alertness to focus on what lies ahead. Is that even possible?  With tea – absolutely yes! All teas from the camellia sinensis tea plant naturally contain L-theanine – an amino acid which studies have shown to provide a range of health benefits, especially improved mental focus and better sleep

L-theanine amplifies alpha brain waves, allowing for a unique type of calm alertness and even heightened creativity. Want your daily does of calm? Chixotic Black MajesTea contains about 24 mg/200 ml of l-theanine  – three times the level found in green tea!

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  • Stephanie says:

    It is hard for me to sleep through the night. Sometimes I wake up groggy but I find drinking tea in the morning kind of wakes me up and gives me energy!

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