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Chixotic Purpe Tea Pack scaled - Special Offer!

Special Offer!

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1. Which type of tea below has the most antioxidants?


2. What kind of tea is Tranquilitea?


3. Where is Purple tea grown?


4. What gives our tea its purple color?


5. What does Purple Tea, Red/Black Grapes, Blueberries, Cranberries, and Red wine all have in common?


6. What can you add to Tranquilitea for a more intensified purple hue?


7. What are the health benefits associated with purple tea?


8. How much caffeine does Purple tea contain?


9. What is the flavor/aroma of purple tea?


10. How does your purple tea purchase benefit African/Kenyan community?


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template 91 - Steep on Sis

Steep on Sis

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It’s safe to say that the average tea drinker disposes of their tea leaves after just one steep thinking that reusing the same tea leaves twice will give them a weak second brew. I get it – in many cases, that actually does happen, but if you’re using premium quality tea leaves, you can re-steep the same tea leaves up to three times and still get a rich cuppa with each steep. With whole leaf tea, the flavor comes out slowly and with each subsequent steep, you’re getting a slightly different flavor profile that’s anything but weak. You could even find yourself enjoying the second or third steep more than the first depending on your palate.

Mo’ For your Money

Whole leaf teas tend to be more expensive, but remember that you’re getting A LOT for your money:

  1. Multiple steeps with one teaspoon
  2. Various flavor profile
  3. More antioxidants

If you’re new to whole leaf tea, I recommend starting with 2 steeps and then depending on how you like the second steep, decide whether you want to try a third and even fourth steep using the same tea leaves. After the third steep, your leaves will most likely produce a very light cuppa but many people (including myself) thoroughly enjoy this lightness especially if Its later in the day.

Adjust your steep time with each subsequent steep

  • The first steep should last about 2-3
  • The second steep should last about 4-5mins and
  • The third steep about 5-7mins.

Try it out and drop a comment letting us know your thoughts👇🏼😉