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Chixotic is an exotic specialty tea company with a mission to enrich each and every tea lover’s palate with unique and authentic African tea while supporting the livelihood of African farmers. Chixotic sells premium Kenyan tea exclusively grown in the highlands of Mount Kenya and sourced directly from small-scale farmers. Chixotic contributes a portion of all sales to the The Harvest Fund, an organization that empowers disenfranchised African female farmers by providing access to education and financial stability.

Our teas are 100% all-natural with no artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives. Our teas are sourced from fair-trade certified and rain-forest alliance certified farms.

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Sip the goodness of Tranquilitea

Chixotic Purple Tranquilitea is silky smooth with a woodsy, slightly sweet flavor. Try this delicate, low-caffeine tea hot or cold with a squeeze of lemon to amplify the already antioxidant-filled tea.
  • Contains more antioxidants and health benefits than green or black tea
  • Zero-Calorie, All-Natural, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free
  • Free of astringency and bitterness – no need to add sugar for taste
  • Only 5% caffeine
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What Our Customers Say

Best tea ever! I love that Tranquilitea doesn’t require much or any additional sweetening. It truly has that smooth finish. My new favorite tea!!

Dr. Valerie OkehieElite Root Canal Specialties

This tea is by far the best I’ve ever had! In addition to having a unique color and aroma, the smooth and delicious taste make it a delectable and enjoyable tea for any time of the day.


As an Italian born and raised, I have always loved coffee (espresso that is). Growing up, for me, tea was synonym of not feeling well or having trouble digesting, so I would make a tea with lemon. Then, recently, I met Chixotic Purple Tranquilitea! I discovered tea can be a pleasure beverage, even better than espresso! In fact, I liked Chixotic purple tea so much, it has made me reduce the amount of coffee I drink!

SimoneParola di italiano che ama il caffe’!